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Antonio Contreras Aviance & Claudia Escobar's KICKSTARTER PROJECT! 
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 Mercado de Lagrimas is an attempt to revive the film Noir from the post Second World War inspired by the Latin American surrealism, Italian Neo realism, and American camp. Evoking with its main character, larger than life Mexican movie diva: Maria Felix, whose beauty conquered the world in the 1940's and 1950's, and her liaisons with some of the most important artists of the world at the time, created a myth an icon and inspire an entire country and until these days she is considered a national treasure.   

The movie takes place inside the writer's head, where he takes us into a tour of his psyche.  He shows us a mix between movie divas, surrealistic painters, renaissance poets, Mexican wrestlers and contemporary socialites.  Immaculately styled with costumes by acclaimed fashion designers such as: Tom Ford, Dolce and Gabbana, Chanel, Ali Reza, Nong, Betabrand, Featuring the exclusive jewelry of Rosalina Lydster.

The Movie set is highly artistic, Using original art by Antonio Contreras, whose art was labeled by the curator of the Berkeley Museum of Modern Art as "Diva Surrealism".

"Mercado" not only shows whimsical fashion and jewelry, one might find choreographers, dancers, musicians, and actors form the San Francisco Bay Area, like Marali Natalia, choreographer Tania Santiago, Medea Project performer Lisa Frias, Loco Bloco original member Patrica Ovando, among others.  A production of Claudia Escobar and Antonio Contreras, winners of the Founders Award at the Miami International Fashion Film Festival in 2013.

Antonio Conteras: Prolific Artist Born in Mexico City. Master in water colour and winner of several art awards in the San Francisco Bay Area. His art has been published by international fashion magazines, and his pieces adorn several socialite's and art collector's homes around the world. He is also an instructor in the Brazilian Martial Art of Capoeira. Recently writing acting and directing movies.

Claudia Escobar: Originally born in Colombia. graduated as an Architect, and evolving her career in filmmaking. She has been working with video and film in the Bay Area for the past 7 years with a number of awards and a very successful career in the film industry. She has acquired a name for herself among very talented film directors.

Take a look at Antonio's Closet video, winner of the Founders Award at the Miami International Fashion Film Festival: 

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter
We are very confident in our project, and we truly believe in what we are doing. We have an amazing team of collaborators and we are committed 100%.

Our biggest obstacle is to have the funds to finish the longer version of Mercado de Lagrimas. We understand kickstarter is all or nothing, so we are hoping you will help us to achieve our goal!

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