Saturday, December 18, 2010


Aren't you glad you're not a Hogan!
Join the FAMILY you love
we've started the X-mas giving season early 
Open Vodka bar 11 till midnight kids!!

Keisha Aviance @ THE COCK

Keisha's "All I Want 4 Xmas Is My 2 Front Teeth"
KEISHA AVIANCE hosts as Sanata
Featuring festive themed performances by Keisha

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Message from Owen Aviance

I wanted to be sure everyone knows Men In Tights: A Pink Nutcracker will be remounted this weekend as part of GMCW's Christmas concert at Lisner Auditorium on the GWU campus in Washington DC.  
Friday, December 17 at 8 pm
Saturday, December 18 at 3 pm and 8 pm
Sunday, December 19 at 3 pm (ASL) 
Further info and ticket purchasing are available at: 

Sunday, December 12, 2010


On Friday, December 10th
Bad Faires in San Francisco
Check out DJ Gehno Aviance Sanchez set


Thursday, December 9, 2010

with special performance by enSUBTITLES
(One-Half Nelson, ErickaToure Aviance, Clifton)

invites you to our
For Kids at Hospitals and Shelters in New York

FRIDAY 12.10.10
Hosted By
David Barton, Susanne Bartsch,
André Balazs, Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein
Steven Klein, Narciso Rodriguez

Music By
DJ Mia Moretti, DJ Johnny Dynell

Performances by: 
(One-Half Nelson, ErickaToure Aviance, Clifton)

(toys are needed for infants through teens)

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Alan, Alexander Aviance, Alvin, Andy Cox, Brian "Knockem out" Aviance,
Bryan Raughton Aviance, Carl Jones Aviance, Carlos Dali,
Ceasar Aviance, Dalila, Damon Steele Aviance, Davey Makeout Aviance,
Derek Scott Graves, Gio B. Aviance, Hectora Sephora Xtravaganza,
Hector Rivera, Jason in PA, Jaeson Aviance, Jef Aviance,
DJ James Palmer Aviance, Joe Aviance, John Ed McGurk,
John Sousa Aviance, Johnny Guest Xtravaganza,
Karla Dicent, Ken aka MUGATU, Marcus Aviance,
Marcus Rivera Xtravaganza, Michael Divine, Mother Juan Aviance,
Papa Joe Aviance, Richard in Miami, Rob Fernandez, Robert Lozada,
Sean Cazades, Sean C, Sean Cazades, Sean De Simone Aviance,
Turbo Xtravaganza, Sky Aviance, Vong Aviance,
Willi Arrendondo, Zandar Riese, Zibby Aviance

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


by Emanuel Xavier for Lindsay

knows the condom wrapped penetration
of strangers and lovers, deep inside
only a tear away from risk

knows bare minimum t-cell level counts,
replacing intoxicating cocktails
with jagged little pills

knows how to avoid a cure thanks to war
how to keep pharmaceutical corporations
and doctors in business

knows the weight loss desired
by supermodels,
knows the fearless meaning of a friends genuine kiss or hug
converts non-believers to religion
and spirituality

comprehends loneliness
values the support of luminaries
smiles at the solidarity
of single red ribbons

knows to dim the lights
to elude detection
how to shame someone into hiding
from the rest of the world
to be grateful for the gift of clothing
and shelter,
to remain silent, holding back the anger and frustration

knows that time on earth
is limited for all of us
that using lemons to make lemonade is better than drinking the Kool-Aid
but no matter how much you drink
you are always left dehydrated

knows working extensive hours
to pay hospital bills,
the choice of survival
or taking pleasure in what is left of life

knows the solid white walls
you want to crash through
and tear down
the thoughts of suicide
in the back of your head

knows the prosperous could be doing more with their wealth
and that everyone still thinks it is a deserving fate- for gays,
drug addicts, prostitutes,
and the unfortunate children of such
born into a merciless world of posh handbags and designer jewelry

knows how to be used as another percentage to profit politicians
knows it doesn’t only affect humans
but animals too, without bias
-providing fodder for art and something to be left behind

if there is a God
he has disregarded our prayers
left his angels behind to journey along with us
-none of us knowing exactly
where we are headed

Monday, November 29, 2010



 We are MORE than excited to announce our special guests:
The BOOKWRMZ (Nita Aviance + Michael Magnan)
We've alloted them 4 hours to blow the shit up. If you haven't already, check the BOOKWRMZ's mixes and realize that we are giving you yet another reason to come out in the middle of the week.
...Learn it y'all!

Friday, November 26, 2010


Angel Eyes, Asio Aviance, Bayardo Aviance, Brian Scarpati,
Chris Watert, Christopher, Coby Koehl, DJ Dub aka James Graham Aviance,
DJ Raco, Diamond Aviance, Franco Aviance, J. Lee, James "Jimmy" Aviance,
Jerel Black, John Aviance, Julian, Kate Durand, Lamont Aviance,
Megan Lynch Aviance,Mark Styles, Mitch Amtrak, Mynor, Nick XXXTRA,
Prince Michael Aviance, Ricky Aviance, Ricardo "studmuffin" Aviance,
Robert Castillo, Sean Luna Aviance, Selen Aviance,
Stephen Tomac, Tijani Aviance, Uncle Luis Aviance,
Vintaj Ultra-Omni, Zev Lautman Aviance

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


"To have thanks for those around you is akin to having thanks for yourself"
-- Jovan Aviance --
Hey everyone!!
It's been a long time since I have done a Reflection and I finally felt that it was time to come back to it. Now, there has been so much that has happened in the world since my last note that there is no way I am going to be able to cover it. Instead, I am going to talk about what is hopefully on everyone's minds Turkey day or mainly what turkey day is truly about and that is giving thanks ;)

Now, I am not sure where everyone is going to be, whether that is with family, friends, pets or alone. One thing I am sure of is where my heart is going to be. It is going to be with every single one of you for I am thankful that you all exist in my life. Given what has occurred in the past two years (over 20 people I have known who were all around our age, passed from this earth from various reasons), we cannot be so sure of what life is going to bring. While as disturbing as that thought might be to some people, for me, it makes it more of a treasure to know and care and love all you and most importantly, love myself.

Loving yourself is not always easy. Living in a world of cattiness and self-righteousness, it is easy to forget that we originally came together for a sense of community, a sense of pride and a sense of well-being. So, we created this world and for a time, it was good if not great , not perfect but it was very caring. It was also empowering and full of might. It was a world that demanded its own distinct territory..And you know what? It got it. It beat back the hate, the abuse, the neglect, the law, the corruption and for a time, it was unbeatable.

And in that world, the world we have been able to create for ourselves, has been altered and shattered over the years. Between the internet chat rooms, a loss of need for a community, a loss of pride, a loss of respect for those that came before us, a loss of knowing how we got here, a loss of knowing our enemy and a loss of so many other things, it is a world that is in need a a update Now, it is world that needs some serious remodeling. and that comes from within every single one of us.
If you are able to accept yourself and those that not only surround you, but accept and respect others and the right to exist as a human being, than you see the way life is meant to be seen and you are the start of this second renaissance.

It is very clear to me that those in my life are there for a reason. many of you have many reasons but when it gets boiled down, it is because of love. However minute that love is does not matter, for the love is there and with that love, there is great opportunity for that love to grow into something great! and that is the start of rebuilding ourselves and our sense of community, that sense of pride that made sure no one fucked with us, that sense of caring your fellow family member, by blood or otherwise, by endowing your love and support onto others. and from those seeds of love that each and every single one of us can plant, day by day, will turn into something amazing!!!!

On that, I will leave you all to your own devices. But before that, I have one last thing to say! In case you have not heard these words said to you in a long time, if you feel that the people around you may not care, if you are running around in your own despair, stop for a second and let me tell you one thing.... I LOVE YOU!!! Everyone deserves to hear it and I am sure there is someone out there who might actually mean it more than I do. If there is not, well, I happen to think that my love is not so bad, so take it and enjoy it.

Until next time ladies, have the PEACE that you require during this holiday season. Enjoy the LOVE that is around you. Bring UNITY to the table and into your life and watch love and life grow into something phenomenal. Take RESPECT, not only for others but also for yourself! And last but most certainly not least, take some PRIDE into every single thing that you do, whatever it is, have some pride, for that will be the beginning of something fierce!